Life of the Parish

We warmly welcome you to be a part of our parish life. Read on to find out more about the various ministries and committees in our parish.

If you would like to get involved, please get in touch with Fr Marcelo, Fr Rodrigo or the Parish Office.


On Sundays and during the week, Sacristans prepare the Church for Mass. During Mass, Welcomers greet people as they come into the Church. Altar Servers assist the priests. The Choir and the Music Ministry help us to pray twice by singing to our Lord. Readers proclaim the Word of God for us.

Catechists conduct a Liturgy of the Word suited to young children, bringing them back for the offertory. Collectors take up the offering, and others process with the offertory gifts. Ministers of Communion assist the celebrant to distribute the Sacred Hosts and Precious Blood. Ministers of Communion for the Sick take Holy Communion to those unable to attend Mass because of age or illness. 

A regular group organises and sets up Morning Tea after Sunday Mass. The Altar Society provides an environment that helps us to lift our minds to God; they keep the altar and sanctuary clean, and decorated with floral arrangements and linen appropriate to the liturgical season. Counters count the collection from the weekend Masses and deposit them in the parish’s bank account. 


The Parish Pastoral Council assists the priests in making decisions about the pastoral direction of the parish, working together as a people called to serve in the community.  

The Finance Committee ensures that the money we collect and raise is used for the best purpose. This committee provides accountability to the parish and the Bishop for monies collected, raised and spent.  

Children & Youth

The Parish Religious Education Programme is to prepare children to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. Sacramental classes are led by the priests and those who are able to share their faith, following the curriculum set by Catholic Education WA.  

The Parish Youth Group aims to be a continuous source of formation and presence for youth, during and beyond school, in the areas of: Prayer and Worship; Community Life; Personal and Spiritual formation; Leadership Development; and Pastoral care. 

Safeguarding Officers ensure children, young people and vulnerable adults in our midst are safe from harm. They implement the Archdiocese of Perth’s Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults: Prevention and Protection Policy and Procedure. They should be the first point of contact regarding suspicions of abuse and other safeguarding concerns.